Running Custom Workout editor

I know how to make cycling custom workouts but I don’t see the custom workout editor for running in Zwift. I tried to use Zwiftworkout(dotcom) but once I import these workouts I have other speed values. I’ve read that there should also be custom workout editor for running available in Zwift but I tried different platforms (windows, IOS, Mac) and it’s not there (anymore?). Any tips?

Yes please!!!

If you use TrainingPeaks you can use the workout builder on their website (it’s not on the app) to create run workouts. You then have to schedule your workouts for which day you want to do it on and with your TP account connected to Zwift it will appear in the workout menu to do on the scheduled day.

I will just add that I have a Premium TP account. I know that if you have a free TP account you can only schedule a workout on that day and not in advance. I tend to do a months worth at a time. But I don’t know if the Workout Builder is available to those with free accounts.

Hope this helps.

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YES please!!!

Push, pls give us an editor for running.

Text editors and 3rd party apps are sooo time consuming.

Can’t believe there isn’t a custom workout creator for running in Zwift yet…

Up Vote! I used to be able to create them outside of Zwift but even the import doesn’t work anymore. Please ZWIFT!

What method are you trying to use?


actually it seems to still work with Windows, but not with OSX.

Regardless, it’s aggravating to not have it built into Zwift.