Custom workouts on Zwift Run

(Kit) #1

I read this article about creating custom workouts on Zwift Run.

The problem is, when I go into Zwift Run to create a workout, I cannot see any ‘Create a New Workout’ button. I see it with the cycling version of Zwift but not under running.

Am I missing anything or is it currently not possible to create Zwift Run custom workouts via Zwift?

I know I can do it with the likes of TrainingPeaks but I have a free TP account and, as a result, can only do a single workout at a time and that doesn’t get saved for me to repeat in the future.

My thanks to anyone who can and does help.

(Stephen) #2

Hey Kit,

That support article is currently wrong. There is no way to create a custom running workout in game right now. The only way is to either download a .ZWO workout file in to your "Documents/Zwift/Workouts/(user number), or to use training peaks.

(Kit) #3

Thanks very much for the info Stephen.

That’s disappointing. Hopefully the Zwift bigwigs will sort it out soon. Zwift Run is already something of a poor relation as far as workouts are concerned. It would be great to be able to do custom workouts without having to use third party software.

Without meaning to be a complete pain, can I ask how one goes about creating a ZWO file to copy and paste into the appropriate folder? Please forgive my ignorance.

Also, while I’m thinking about such things, is it possible to recreate an outdoors run as a Zwift Run workout? I mean, can I take a GPX file from a run (aka ‘walk’ to anyone else) I’ve done and somehow convert that into a ZWO file?

I apologise again as my ‘Ludditery’ is showing.