Custom workout


Is it possible to create custom workouts in Zwift Run? I have read a couple of guides, and I have tried to create my own ZWO files and put them in the workouts folder, but I have not managed to use them.
What I want to accomplish is to create my own interval workouts.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


Hi Stian,

The following works for me (if you have a free/paid Training Peaks account and and it is linked to Zwift:

  • Create a Training Peaks workout.
  • Select ‘Run’ for ‘Add Workout’.
  • Click ‘Build workout’ and use the following settings: Distance, % Threshold Pace, Target
  • Build workout with blocks, but ONLY use % Threshold Pace in the workout details editor
  • Name the workout
  • Schedule the workout on a future day in your TP calendar.
  • Login to Zwift on the scheduled day and the workout appears under ‘Workouts’ and ‘Training Peaks’ categories.

Hope that helps - Cheers, Alan


Hi Alan!

I’m hoping you can help me out. I have no trouble doing the structured bike workouts that my coach writes on TrainingPeaks.
But the run workouts don’t EVER appear on Zwift, although they are also structured (using % of Threshold Pace).
I can only see the Zwift Workouts… is there a reason for this?

Thank you!

Hi Erika - It took me a while and quite a bit of experimenting to work this out too.

As long as your coach (or you) have structured the workouts with blocks in TP and only use % Threshold Pace as your target (not HR or similar) then the following should work.

Name and then save the workout in your TP calendar for a future day (this can be the next day or workouts scheduled across multiple future days in your TP calendar). Your TP calendar will then export the workout on the scheduled day to your list of workouts in Zwift.

Then when you log into Zwift on the scheduled day (remember the workout will be invisible before that day) your workout should be ready to select and run to under the Workouts option on the opening Zwift screen.

This works 100% of the time for me and I’ve probably not explained it brilliantly but fingers crossed it works for you too.

Cheers - Alan

Run workouts in TP need to be set by distance and not time for them to sync to Zwift (or I’ve never got a workout by time to work although it’d be nice if it did)

Hi Alan! Thanks for the reply!

Strange thing is that all the workouts are already structure with blocks using % of threshold pace. I have to admit I only tried using the Zwift Run twice… but I’ll see what happens on my next running session on monday! :point_down: lol

I’ll let you guys know.
Cheers, mate!

You should meet my coach, Chris :wink:
Never seen a workout by distance in my life…

Agree, it would be desirable to be able to create workouts by time but I’ve never seen a workout to show up in Zwift if it created by time.

Until that works, I ‘guess’ at a distance to get around the time I want.

how are you doing track then?:wink:

It is now possible to create time based workouts , although not yet via TP. You have to write them from scratch. However, I am still having problems uploading them to the Zwift workout folder

Have you figured out how to do this (what tags in the xml to edit so that the run is time based)? I can hand edit distance based workouts, but Duration is still translated to distanced based on Pace still and Support isn’t being helpful.

I, too, am interested in creating a run workout based on time. My go-to workout currently is the Fartlek 5’s but, unfortunately, Zwift doesn’t allow me to edit that workout except to change pace. Cheers

Hi all, recently I have viewed in zwift new running workloads based in times:

  • example: in the “less than 30 minutes to burn” section, we can see “Down and up the Ladder” running workout.

As you can see, this workout has designed its intervals by times. If you put your mouse pointer above the first interval, you can read “8 minutes warmup (or similar)”.(as far as I know it´s no possible to download a .zwo file from a non-personalized workout to copy the structure of the .zwo file, isn´t it?).

Then, if it existes this possibility, how could we create our own personalized running workouts by times?. I understand that the creator of that running workout must use a determinated structure in the .zwo file, isn´t it?.