Custom workout


Is it possible to create custom workouts in Zwift Run? I have read a couple of guides, and I have tried to create my own ZWO files and put them in the workouts folder, but I have not managed to use them.
What I want to accomplish is to create my own interval workouts.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


Hi Stian,

The following works for me (if you have a free/paid Training Peaks account and and it is linked to Zwift:

  • Create a Training Peaks workout.
  • Select ‘Run’ for ‘Add Workout’.
  • Click ‘Build workout’ and use the following settings: Distance, % Threshold Pace, Target
  • Build workout with blocks, but ONLY use % Threshold Pace in the workout details editor
  • Name the workout
  • Schedule the workout on a future day in your TP calendar.
  • Login to Zwift on the scheduled day and the workout appears under ‘Workouts’ and ‘Training Peaks’ categories.

Hope that helps - Cheers, Alan

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