Customising Workouts

Just come on to Zwift running. Long time user of Zwift Cycling. Noticed, unless i’m missing it, an absence of being able to create custom workouts like on the Cycling. Just wondering if Zwift have done this deliberately, or it’s in the work’s, so to speak?

Hi Mark,

The following works for me (distance based workouts only though) if you have a free/paid Training Peaks account and your account is linked to Zwift:

  • Create a workout in Training Peaks.
  • Select ‘Run’ for ‘Add Workout’.
  • Click ‘Build workout’ and use the following settings: Distance, % Threshold Pace, Target
  • Build workout with blocks, but ONLY use % Threshold Pace in the workout details editor
  • Name the workout
  • Schedule the workout on a future day in your TP calendar.
  • Login to Zwift on the scheduled day and the workout appears under ‘Workouts’ and ‘Training Peaks’ categories.

Hope that helps - Cheers, Alan

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Cheers, Alan!

I’m good with Training peaks, Buddy. Just intrigued why it’s not included

I’ve been told it’s on their (extensive) ‘‘Things to do" list.
Also "It’s in Beta - and you’re getting it for nothing so quit moaning’’.
The running aspect needs serious work before I would pay for it, and I’m not impressed that doesn’t appear to be a priority.

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