Running Workouts

Hi, I enjoy building workouts (either direct on Zwift or in Training Peaks) and doing them on my indoor trainer on the bike. However I have recently started to enjoy doing some of my runs on Zwift too, using the Stryd footpod.
Can we PLEASE get the ability to create custom run workouts (simply to break the interval in the workout and to follow and manually control the treadmill as required.) - Ideally these workouts could be imported from Training Peaks as they do for cycling, or even having the ability to build them on Zwift rather than following one of the Training Workouts that is already on Zwift.

Hey Ryan - this comes days later - but I wanted to speak on this. You are able to create Training Peaks run workouts, but they must be using distance and % of threshold pace and range. When you link your Zwift and Training Peaks account, those workouts should automatically show up in Zwift. Hope this helps!

When will we be able to build running workouts in Zwift?