Custom running workout in Zwift

It’s been said before, several times, but no progress. Please allow us to create a running workout within Zwift, i.e., not having to create it in a third party and export it to Zwift. I just can’t see how it’s that difficult when it already exists for riding. Can work out details as you go such as what parameters are allowed and customizable, but to not even have it as an option seems silly.

Yes, please make this happen Zwift! I finally was able to figure out how to do it via TrainingPeaks, but I had to do it by distance. I simply want to be able to create intervals such as ‘run at 9:00-8:45min/mile for 10 minutes’ then move to the next. This cannot be a coding intensive request, and there’s got to be many others in the same boat. Thank you!