Workout Creator

(Steve Sullivan- RO4H) #1

I really like the workouts that Zwift has in place right now, and I am sure many more are on the way. I am pretty sure that I heard somewhere that Zwift will someday have a create your own workout , Workout Creator functionality. I have pretty specific workouts that I want to do, but I need a way to create them in Zwift. I am not sure that I can be a subscriber until that possibility exists. I hope Zwift has an answer on this soon. I love the program !!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Steve,

Welcome to the Zwift Workout Beta! Where things are still being worked on and improved as we get customer feedback (including creating workouts). :slight_smile:

(Steve Sullivan- RO4H) #3

Great to hear Eric. thanks for your quick reply. I hope this creator will be pretty granular in what we can assign. For example, 5:04 ramp up to 40% FTP,… 2:38 minutes at 43.8% FTP,…5:56 minutes at 60.4% FTP,… etc. In stead of being limited by whole numbers like 4:00 minutes at 60% FTP etc. The reason for this precision ( mostly in the timing element) is so we can synchronize our Zwift workouts to other ones we do now ( like video based workouts ) It would be really cool do do a workout with both formats running concurrently and be matched up. The video would kick into an attack while our Zwift rider blasts under an orange arch !! Really cool effect by the way ! What do you think ? Thanks.

(Mike Gonski) #4

I haven’t been able to figure it out.  Is there a way to get into the workout editor without having your ANT connected to a device.  I can’t get to the editor unless I am right near my bike with ANT connected to power meter.

(Steve C) #5

Just hit ‘e’ in the ant page to get there - or under ‘just watch’.