Assorted suggestions - offline editor, workout sharing, relaxing workout mode...

(Posting again - sorry about the computer fail yesterday)

1.  It would be nice if there was an improved workout editor, preferably off-line and standalone.  After reading on the forums this seems to be consensus opinion…  One thing about the built-in editor is that it’s hard to make repeated sections that aren’t two-step intervals.  For example, building an over/under workout with a rest step (3 segments) and then repeating seems require manual editing for each repeat of this group. 

2.  Another feature which I haven’t found at least is - a public repository of workouts to download. 

3.  Yet another:  it would be perhaps less effective but more interesting if there was a workout mode that let you wander a bit.  Suppose you are on a segment that was 70% of FTP but you could vary this slightly by cadence from 65-75%.  Then, allow drafting.  You could play with trying to stay with people during the ride.  This would come at a slightly price in ‘accuracy’ of your workout I guess but maybe that’s OK.  As it is now the people you pass and who pass you are just kind of annoying. 

4.  Finally - and this might be already possible - can I set the levels on segments in a workout as either wattage or % of FTP, and if so how is that specified? 

  1. Agreed that it could use some more versatility. Personally I would rather though see the workout editor to be fully online, web-based, from within one’s zwift profile page. Allowing us to edit our workouts from any device, anywhere.

  2. An ingame repository for this would be preferable. There is a community driven one till then, although the amount of workouts is currently very limited:

  3. All Zwift workouts are set to as a percentage of your FTP by default. I’m not even sure you can disable this. Increase your FTP to give it a go, and you should see the wattage levels on your workouts change accordingly. There’s a toggle somewhere to switch display between absolute wattage values and % as well.

 Yes you can set defined wattage but keep in mind that this is still translated in the game to %FTP so if you happen to change your FTP you’ll need to change the wattage levels in your workouts if you want the wattages to remain the same.

I wrote the workout editor.  It has a “duplicate” button that duplicates a selected segment.  You may find it helpful. 


You sure you spammed that link enough throughout the forums?

Hi Paul.  I added it to three relevant threads.  Is there a better way to let people know who might be interested? 

I wish i can upload to to edit in case i have edited my ZWO using text editor and dont want to loose the new changes


G One riding, you can drag and drop a .zwo file onto the workout editor.  It will load the workout, and from there you can edit, save it in your browser, re-download, etc.