Workout editor question

(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #1

Great news that the workout editor is released.

Question about this feature, will it be possible to import/load/install workouts from other people?


Tnx for the feedback and keep up the good work ! 


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

If you have the .zwo file (which is a pretty readable XML text file) from someone, just drop it in your Zwift\Workouts folder and it will be there for you.

(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #3

Great ! Tnx a lot for the info ! 

(Michael Henasey) #4

Drop it in before starting up Zwift.

It seems that Zwift loads and caches these files when Zwift starts up so if you make a change to a file or the folder while Zwift is running, Zwift won’t pick up these changes until you restart Zwift.


(Brian Kelly) #5

can i make workouts without signing into game ? sorry if this is numpty question. or can i do it by starting the game even on another pc that doesnt have my ant stick 



(Michael Henasey) #6

You can create a workout even without an ANT+ stick. From the Pairing Screen just hit ESC and then choose the Workout window.

Optionally, you could hit Just Watch and then the E key to also bring up the Workout window.

If you really want a challenge, you can hand edit a workout file. Pick an existing workout, edit it, then save it as a custom workout. Then edit this custom workout file using any text editor. You can also create one from skratch. The format is XML-like and pretty easy to figure out. Should bring you back to the old days of editing .ERG files by hand :wink:

(Brian Kelly) #7

thanks Michael - not sure it will work for all workouts as sometimes i have sets with three and five intervals repeated and or need “level” or “erg” mode on kicks. But its a start and better than nothing -

(Michael Henasey) #8


why wouldn’t the workout editor let you build a workout like this?

don’t use the Intervals block, instead “build” the set using the individual Zone 1-6 blocks. I created a set below using one block of 1:15, another block of :15, then a rest block of 3:00. I repeated this 8 times.

You are right about needing the “Level” mode instead of always using “ERG” mode.

One thing I found out is that if you use a “free ride” block I think it sort of uses the “Level” mode, which for my KICKR, defaults to Level 2. In-game gradient changes don’t take affect so it’s like having a flat road.

Now if you edit the .zwo file for a “free ride” workout, you can remove the “Flatroad” attribute on the “Freeride” element and this changes things back to “Sim” mode and in-game gradient changes take affect.


(Brian Kelly) #9

ok thanks - more to play with but now have another question…lets say i am middle of workout and dying on a specific interval…how can i jump ahead to next interval or even to the end / recovery. Is this possible ?


(Craig Feringa) #10

How can I create a workout that lasts longer than an hour?  I can’t find the way to extend past the 1 hour on the initial screen.

(Michael Henasey) #11


why can’t you do this?

(Craig Feringa) #12

Michael… thanks for responding.  What do I drag, or where can I input the time?  I tried adding another block (zone block), but it just snaps back and doesn’t anchor … 


(Craig Feringa) #13

Ok… now I just did it… by dropping the new block near the middle of the last one… and then it snapped in…



(Michael Henasey) #14

You can drag the right edge of a block to expand/contract it.

If you click on the block you’ll see Duration, etc. popups where you can then click within there and manually enter a value for time.

You can rearrange blocks by clicking and dragging them around.

Click and drag a block to the trash can on the bottom right of the screen to remove a block.

Once you create a workout, you can go to the file in your Documents/Zwift/Workouts folder and manually edit the file in a text editor. I’ve had to do this to change durations or to precisely place text blocks.

(Craig Feringa) #15

Thanks Michael.  I appreciate your help.

(Michael Henasey) #16

Maybe this will help: