Offline Workout Editor

I would love to have the editor reside within your website. That way when I’m away from my Zwift machine, I can still setup my workouts for the following day/week.

Voted for, but this is just the sort of thing the community can provide. They’re just XML documents, so apart from some way of accessing your files anyone can do this. No doubt some Javascript wizard could knock it up quite easily.

Someone has already done just that:

Join the “Zwift Workouts” Facebook group and don’t forget to visit the external site for Zwift workouts:


I created a web-based workout editor for Zwift: 

@Matt.   That workout creator is awesome.   Thanks so much for developing that.    Zwift should obviously pay you to implement that into their website.

Thanks Luke.  I agree it would be best if Zwift had a workout editor in their website. 

Matt - that’s fantastic! Thank you sooooo much.

Matt, is exactly what I’ve been wanting to find. Fantastic work!

@Matt, do you know if only works with Chrome?   I’ve tried using with Internet Explorer and I can’t add the intervals to the workout builder.   Strange.



@Luke, yes, zwofactory works with modern browsers that support arrow functions and other such features.  So, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, etc. will all work fine, but Internet Explorer doesn’t pass muster.

Thank you Matt. Brilliant stuff!

There’s also this beauty, which works on everything:

Great bit of software Matt, thanks for sharing

@Matt, great software! I’m trying to load a ZWO file provided from another source into the editor. Unfortunately only the durations seem to load correctly, not the Power %, and none of the interval blocks are color-coded. Do you mind taking a look?  Thanks!

@Ryan, I’d be happy to take a look.  Can you email the zwo file to  Thanks.