Create\browse workouts and events in web app

When are we going to be able to create workouts in the web app ? I’m sure there are loads of people like me who have Zwift loaded on a laptop they never use in a room they never go to unless they are working out. The majority of Zwift users would be time poor adults with children and a demanding job. If I’m on my bike ready for a workout I’m not going to be creating one as I have to get my workout done and get on to other tasks. This functionality should be available on the web. And yes, I know there are other apps that allow you to create a workout and then import it into Zwift. The thing is, I shouldn’t have to subscribe to another service just to be able to import my workouts. Not only is it a waste of money, I don’t want another service provider knowing my Zwift details or vice versa.

Please Zwift, allow us to create workouts on the web and also browse events. Thanks.

Yes it is 3rd party but it is free, This might help you for now.

Of course, but I think by the same token, many people also have some other computing device in another room that they also have Zwift loaded on, and use for all other computing purposes other than doing Zwift rides, including creating workouts.

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