101 running .zwo files

Hi, we still can’t get these is that correct? It’s ridiculous. If I want to create a single workout based on one of the 101 running sessions, can I only do so by manually transcribing the workout into a custom one? The option to download is not available and states already downloaded to zwift (we can only access it through the training program).

I really wouldn’t recommend Zwift based on the lack of .zwo files for runners.

Thanks to anyone who can confirm\commiserate.

I was able to create custom workouts. But, like you say, I had to manually edit an .xml file. I can include the specifications here, if you want. It looks like it is a .txt file and forum rules don’t permit .txt uploads. Because it was kinda hard to find, there may be others who would like to see it. I can upload it as a comment if there is interest.

I ended up copying and pasting the text from various workouts within ZWIFT WORKOUT FINDER
I copyied them into excel and manually loaded them into my treadmill software in order to get the treadmill to adjust speed automatically.

A decent (Zwift operated) xml (zwo, if you prefer) file editor for RUNNERS would be a nice addition.

Thanks Chris. I appreciate your offer but I’ll try not to trouble you. I’ve just used https://zwofactory.com/ and after a few minutes of figuring things out I was able to create a suitable workout. Having done that (using the nice UI) I can now clearly understand what all the tutorials about hand crafting the XML were talking about! Prior to that it was a little daunting.

Does Zwift Running factory work for runners? You do you translate %FTP to, say, %Half Marathon Pace?

I don’t see any custom running workouts and I don’t have any clue why. I put the .ZWO-file into the \Documents\Zwift\Workouts{userid} folder, but I cannot see them in Zwift.
What am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance.

Yes, it’s fine for runners, you plug in the FTP. I don’t know what you’d do for other paces - it’s not something I need to worry about!!!

Wrong thread here Markus, but nevertheless, I’ll try to help. https://zwift.com/news/11792-importing-and-sharing-custom-zwift-workouts/
What device are you using? I trust e.g. you’re not saving the files on a PC but running Zwift on an iPad?!

Thanks, Richard. I’m using Zwift on PC. Sure, running Zwift on a tablet wouldn’t help at all.

I’ve sussed it on my PC (although I use iPad to run so I need to check that myself!).
My issue was that the file created by zwofactory had the line:
Clearly it should have been run so I changed it to run and now it appears in custom workouts.
As a precursor to this, I downloaded https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/rachel-ruby-zambrano/run-workouts-zone-2-endurance/ and that worked (i.e. custom workout menu heading appeared) so I knew it was mostly OK and was probably just my file config. The actual workout params are different in my own file to that of Rachel’s but it still appears OK in Zwift so I presume all is good.
Let me know how you get on.

FYI, my workout lines look like this:

 <SteadyState Duration="150" Power="0.5"/>

Rachel’s look like this:

         <Warmup Duration="600" PowerLow="0.75449997" PowerHigh="0.8545"/>
         <IntervalsT Repeat="4" OnDuration="300" OffDuration="300" OnPower="0.88449997" OffPower="0.82449996" OverUnder="1"/>
        <Cooldown Duration="600" PowerLow="0.8545" PowerHigh="0.75449997"/>

That’s great, Richard. I created my first workout using the Tool “Workout Creator in Excel”. For any reason, the code from the Creator-Tool doesn’t work directly (I guess that was my failure). Nevertheless, in combination with the code-snippet you provided, it works perfectly. Thanks!

You’re welcome. I’m pleased to hear it. Happy exercising!!