Zwift custom workout editor upgrades

(David Abraham) #1


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

I concur!

(David Abraham) #3

Glad you agree Eric!  :slight_smile:

It would be nice if there was an improved workout editor, preferably off-line and standalone.  After reading on the forums this seems to be consensus opinion…  One thing about the built-in editor is that it’s hard to make repeated sections that aren’t two-step intervals.  For example, building an over/under workout with a rest step (3 segments) and then repeating seems require manual editing for each repeat of this group. 

Another feature which I haven’t found at least is - a public repository of workouts to download. 

Yet another:  it would be perhaps less effective but more interesting if there was a workout mode that let you wander a bit.  Suppose you are on a segment that was 70% of FTP but you could vary this slightly by cadence from 65-75%.  Then, allow drafting.  You could play with trying to stay with people during the ride.  This would come at a slightly price in ‘accuracy’ of your workout I guess but maybe that’s OK.  As it is now the people you pass and who pass you are just kind of annoying. 

Finally - and this might be already possible - can I set the levels on segments in a workout as either wattage or % of FTP, and if so how is that specified?