Workout Editor - Feature Requests

(Nick Pratt TV5) #1

Workout mode is awesome. The workout editor is a little painful to use.  I think the following would make it much easier to work with:

  1. Allow copy/paste of selected segments in the editor

  2. Allow me to multi-select segments in the editor so that I can copy/paste them

  3. When pasting, give me the option to paste multiple copies - say a shortcut like Ctrl-M (PC) or Apple-M (Mac) (or a buttons that say “Paste” and “Paste Interval”.  Let me type in the number of copies I want.  Once pasted, treat the pasted copies as an interval grouping.

  4. When editing a single segment, and there are other copies of the same segment already in the timeline, ask me if I want to edit “just this one” or “all similar”.  If that doesn’t work well from a UX standpoint, then let me multi-select my segments, and then when I drag down the power on one of the segments, have it affect all selected segments. Ditto for the duration.

  5. When pasting the interval feature, it wasnt clear if I could have more than one intensity / one rest period per interval.

  6. Short intervals (say 10s) are very hard to click on in the editor

  7. Once Id started editing a new workout, I didnt see a way to increase the duration of my workout - I expected to be able to keep dropping new segments on the timeline and have it dynamically grow.

  8. Its not clear to me if I choose % of FTP for my power levels that they will scale with different FTP values - is this the case?

  9. Im assuming that if I make the segments Watts based, then the power levels will not scale with changes in a riders FTP. Again, not clear to me.

  10. I’d like longer notices approaching the workout gates/banners.  I think its set to 3s / 3 beeps now.  Id like to be able to change that notice period to up to 10s / 10 beeps for some segments. This way I can audibly distinguish a power-up segment vs a power down one etc.

(Stuart Davis) #2

Agree with most points, particular copy/paste and ability to highlight multiple sections and copy or drag etc.

I find it frustrating to when trying to size to the desired time and level - should have the option to edit manually with keyboard, then apply to all selected. would save so much time!

(Sage Vann [TTNW] (C)) #3

+1 to this. 

Please make the workout builder available BEFORE I sync to a device.

Having to pedal my bike to get my ANT+ device to activate before I can get to the screen to edit a workout is a hassle. I want to be able to edit my workout the night before so it’s cued up for me to ride as soon as I’m ready.

 Also, would like to see support for Cadence based workouts.

(Stuart Davis) #4

Yeah accessing the workout editor is crazy, but then most of the Zwift UI is crazy so why break with convention eh?!!!

If I want to build a custom workout I have to

  • Launch Zwift
  • Log in
  • Activate an ant+ sensor so I can actually get to the workout screen.
  • Build my workout.
  • Save my workout then wonder how I now pair my other sensors and the one that has long since turned off.
  • Curse, close Zwift.
  • Re-launch zwift
  • Log in again
  • Wait
  • Finally get on the bike and do a workout

A very painful experience!


(T. Kennedy KISS (B)) #5

@Sage & Stuart

Yes the UI is hokey, but you can bypass the ANT+ screen. Just hit ‘esc’ when the device pairing screen pops up, and you can click the select workout button on the next screen.

(Nick Pratt TV5) #6

@Stuart - You can actually click in the time window for each segment and manually enter a time.  Its a little hokey also (for instance, its really not obvious you can do this, and when you do click inside the time window, its not clear you have focus there.  Furthermore, it doesnt auto-select the existing time so you have to futz around with delete and backspace in order to re-enter the time.  It would be nice if I could clearly click in the time window, have it change color to something obvious, and then just let me enter a time directly and have it overwrite whatever was there)

(Nick Pratt TV5) #7

One more editor request:


11.) Id like for my workouts to be sync’d to my account and not just stored locally on the machine.  We have 2 PCs setup to run Zwift, and currently the workout is tied to a single machine which isnt ideal.  I also use a laptop when traveling around.  If the workout definitions could be stored on the zwift servers, it would be great.

(T. Kennedy KISS (B)) #8

Agree with all the above. Especially groups of intervals - I should be able to make a group of intervals with different power levels and different times. Repeating ladders comes to mind.

Also, there’s obviously a range of power around your target, when the game will say more or less power - I should be able to select that range.

the workout files (*.zwo) are clear XML- like text. How about publishing the rules so we can make our own edits without risking something breaking?

(Nick Pratt TV5) #9

@Zwift: Maybe to help differentiate an interval group, you could display a small continuous colored bar below the segments that make up the interval.  This would a.) Make it clear its a defined interval, and b.) let us select that interval (along with others) by clicking on it so that we can copy/paste that interval repeatedly.


For (6), perhaps you could make the mouse cursor auto-zoom as we hover over segments, or snap to the center of each segment and make it a little sticky so that short intervals are easier to work with.

(Stuart Davis) #10

@Nick Pratt - thanks for that tip, I wasn’t aware I could get past the Ant+ pairing screen - the only button on screen that you can click is to Just Watch, there is no other visual clue it’s possible to continue.

Is there by chance a hidden method of returning to the Ant+ screen after I’ve created or edited a workout, so I can actually start riding without quitting the app and re-loading it?!

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #11

You can click “Just Watch” then click the orange and white arrow button (lower left corner I think) to exit just watch mode.  Then press “E” to go into the workout screen.

I do this all the time on my desktop PC.

Also, I have the zwift workouts folders shared on my home network, so I can browse to them from any PC on the network.  This allows me to move them from computer to computer without needing a thumb drive or email, etc… (unless I’m not at home :D)

(C oach Paul Ozier) #12

SAGE - just click watch, the ‘E’ to get to the workout page. No ANT+ required :wink: