Workout Mode Feature Request

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #1

I absolutely love the fact that the workout segment list now scrolls if it’s longer than the screen.  It’s huge improvement over doing long workouts blind.

That said, it would be nice if we could see more than two upcoming segments.  The way the display is now, I can see the last 22 segments I completed, but only two upcoming segments.  With really short segments, this doesn’t give you much time to prepare for whatever might be coming.

I really don’t get any benefit from knowing what segment I did 20 segments ago, but it would sure be nice to know what’s coming.

  1. I suggest moving the split between completed segments and uncompleted segments closer to the middle (maybe 10 above and 10 below, or even higher).  

  2. When the ‘PAUSED’ screen is up (after I’ve hit pause and stop pedaling), it would be really nice to be able to see my heart rate.   If I go over my max, and stop to slow it down, I’d like to know what my HR is before I continue the workout.

  3.  I know others have requested it, but especially for workouts, I’d like to ride against a ghost of one of my previous efforts.   



(Shawn Gray [X]) #2

Agreed I think just move up 1 line as each interval is complete so current target is always the top one :slight_smile:

(Eric Denning [ODZ]) #3

There’s no point in showing all those stars of past intervals… move them out of the way and put the current one very close to the top.  Exactly opposite of how it runs now (current 3 from bottom).