Workout mode additions

I think that there are a few additions to workout mode which would be great and fairly simple

1 - the ability to alter wattage goals during the workout.  Seems it would be easiest to do this like trainerroad - have a percentage of the initial goal that can be adjusted during the workout.  That way if you are not feeling strong a particular day you can adjust the difficulty down so that you don’t have to just quit the workout.  Essentially the percentage would temporarily reduce you effective FTP and could be adjust during the ride

2- The ability to pause the workout - seems like the timer keeps running even if you stop temporarily

3 - in the workout creator it would be nice to have the ability to copy and paste segments - this would speed creation of “sets” of a specific type of interval.


Just a few suggestions - the workout mode is really a great addition and I am very impressed with how you have implemented it. 

Created a custom workout function this morning and ran out of time so wanted to alter the workout on the go, and couldn’t, so agree with Nathan, being able to make changes on the go would be great.



I totally agree on feature one… Was thinking maybe two keyboard hotkeys that slowly moved ftp up & down.