Building Custom Workouts

(M Aierstok) #1

Is there a way, or could there be a way, to build interval workouts with a “copy/paste” feature?  Current “Intervals” tool only allows for two wattages and two times but for unlimited intervals.  To build 5 sets of 8 minutes, 4 minutes and 2 minutes at different wattage, you have to enter 15 different segments.  It would be nice to be able to “drag and drop” to repeat that same set multiple times.

(Jordan Rapp) #2

Just open up the workout file with a basic text editor - TextEdit or Notepad - and then just copy and paste the block of code that you want. It’s pretty obvious what code snippets translate into what blocks. It’s just a form of XML, so easy to check.

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(Nigel Doyle) #3

_ _I find this 3rd party workout editor works better than the built in one. You can copy and paste with it: