Copy and paste when creating a custom workout

(Chong) #1

When creating custom workout it would be great to be able to copy and paste the different segments. For exmple:

1 min at 70%
30 sec at 50%
2 min at 80%
1 min at 50%
3 min at 90%
1 min 30 sec at 50%

If want to repeat that set 3 time, I should be able to create it once and then paste it to create the 3 sets. Right now, I have to create every step one at a time.


(Nigel ) #2

Check out It’s a superior workout creator than the built in Zwift one.

This allows copying and pasting. BTW zwo files are really simple text files. You can create workouts using a text editor.


(Matt) #3

When editing a workout in you can more or less paste workout “chunks” like this:

  1. Build the workout you want to copy / paste in the editor. For example, here’s the chunk @Chong_Kim referenced, which in the editor I named “Demo”:

  2. Click “Save to My Workouts”.

  3. Click on the “Settings” link at the bottom of the page. In the settings, check the box for “Enable workout insertion”:

  4. Now in the editor you’ll see a drop down list and a green arrow. Select the workout you want to paste and click the green arrow. Here I’ve clicked it three times:

If you decide you don’t like the feature, you can turn it back off in the settings.

Hope this helps.

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(jason) #4

Eh, this solution is just ok. It would be much more user friendly to just be able to select a workout “chunk” and click copy and paste, just like every other intuitive program on the market. Zwift is great, but this added functionality would make it greater!