Copy and paste when creating a custom workout

(Chong) #1

When creating custom workout it would be great to be able to copy and paste the different segments. For exmple:

1 min at 70%
30 sec at 50%
2 min at 80%
1 min at 50%
3 min at 90%
1 min 30 sec at 50%

If want to repeat that set 3 time, I should be able to create it once and then paste it to create the 3 sets. Right now, I have to create every step one at a time.

(Nigel ) #2

Check out It’s a superior workout creator than the built in Zwift one.

This allows copying and pasting. BTW zwo files are really simple text files. You can create workouts using a text editor.

(Matt) #3

When editing a workout in you can more or less paste workout “chunks” like this:

  1. Build the workout you want to copy / paste in the editor. For example, here’s the chunk @Chong_Kim referenced, which in the editor I named “Demo”:

  2. Click “Save to My Workouts”.

  3. Click on the “Settings” link at the bottom of the page. In the settings, check the box for “Enable workout insertion”:

  4. Now in the editor you’ll see a drop down list and a green arrow. Select the workout you want to paste and click the green arrow. Here I’ve clicked it three times:

If you decide you don’t like the feature, you can turn it back off in the settings.

Hope this helps.

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(jason) #4

Eh, this solution is just ok. It would be much more user friendly to just be able to select a workout “chunk” and click copy and paste, just like every other intuitive program on the market. Zwift is great, but this added functionality would make it greater!


(Paul) #5

I’ve only just started using the custom workout function but can’t believe there aren’t more requests for the ability to copy “blocks” too create repeat sets more easily. zwofactory looks like an ok compromise but it can’t be that hard to include, can it?!

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