Custom workouts - "repeat" iteration or copy/paste

(Cortney CortTheSport) #1

Would be nice if we had a repeat function or the ability to copy/paste sections of the workout to duplicate them. For instance, today I cycled through Z4-Z5-Z3 5x. 

Also, the ability to set a target power range rather than a single number would be good.

Aside from that, I LOVE the custom workout option!! Well done!!

(Brandon Amos) #2

This has already been raised as an issue.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #3

After building a few workouts I would love to see this feature.

(Sven Janssens) #4

Please make this happen!

(Brad Albrich) #5

This is almost a deal breaker for me. I’m trying Zwift for the first time (first month). I create all my own custom workouts based on what my coach prescribes. Not being able to copy/paste sections of a workout is frustrating, and I think about how much easier TrainerRoad’s custom workout creator is. Further, I have to manually move the files from my desktop to my laptop via thumb drive because I prefer the larger desktop screen for workout creation (easier to see). I can’t create them at work on the laptop due to the firewall, which won’t allow Zwift to start. TR workouts are in the cloud, so workouts can be created on any machine and are available on any machine.

(Buu RCC) #6


(Sean Vintin | VeloClub) #7


(Charles Givens) #8

I agree…this would be a nice feature as I have workouts that are about 15 minutes and I repeat for 90 minutes.