Customer Workout - Copy/Paste Intervals

(Jason Karavidas) #1

I often find myself manually creating complex interval workouts and would see a big benefit to a copy/paste function in the Custom Workout Builder.

5x 6’ build by 2’ within each interval (80, 90, 100 FTP) at 85rpm with 3’ rest
requires me to drop 4 single interval blocks and drag the cadence into each for just one interval, and then do this 5 times through.

Wish list for myself and I’m sure many coaches and athletes!

Start menu overhaul and more
(Greg Carpenter [BRT]) #2

Me too.
Graphics and editing is generally a bit dodgy.

(Dathan Atchison) #3

Ditto…so many of my interval workouts provided by my coach have slight adjustments to them. Having to create every interval from scratch every time is very time consuming.

Zwift…please provide a solution!!


(A) #4


i would like to select an individual zone pattern as one interval and then copy it multiple times maybe with % higher/lower for each zone in one go.

(Borris Jung) #5

Me too. It takes so long to do a complex workout.

(Chris) #6

Yes, another vote for this one!

The interval block is great if you’re just doing on/off, but if you want something (even as simple as Under/Overs with surges) more then it’s a real pain.

Just the simple ability to copy/paste blocks would be fantastic.

(matt) #7

hey Zwift - two ideas for the custom workout builder: 1) allow for ramp or change in resistance within an interval (e.g. 2x45’ @75% to 85% w/ 5’ rest interval); 2) allow for repeat of a selection of intervals, i.e. more than two as allowed using the interval add-in (e.g. 10 x [10’ @85%, 2’@100%, 3’@55%] OR allow user to specify the number (and intensity) of intervals within a repeated block. ride on!