Upload from TrainingPeaks?

Since the upgrade, my Training Peaks workouts have not been appearing in the Zwift training list. Tried reloading the apps and restarting my computer. Nothing showing up. Kind of frustrating. Anyone seeing anything similar?

Hi @Robert_Randolph,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m sorry to hear you are having issues getting your Training Peaks workouts to sync to your Zwift, but we are here to help.

First, I would recommend to take a look at your Training Peaks workouts to make sure they are set up properly to be synced to Zwift. Here is our article on how to make this happen.

We look forward to your response and to assisting you further!

My Training Peaks workouts aren’t importing into Zwift either since the last update. In fact, there isn’t even a Training Peaks option on the workout tab. very disappointing.

Same issue. Follow and confirmed all settings are correct. Disconnected and reconnected but not showing up in zwift. Was working fine from workout plan i have. Just stopped little over a week ago. I even deleted the workout and created per the article you posted. Still nothing.