TrainingPeaks Workout not syncing

(Tariq A.) #1

Since the latest update (ATV), my Training Peaks daily workout isn’t syncing to my workout library. I tried disconnecting TP and reconnecting again in settings but didn’t solve the issue.
Anyone else experiencing this issue?

(. Dr. M) #2

Similar problem with my account. Training Peaks workouts are not showing up in Zwift.

(Kevin) #3

Same is happening with me…

(Steve) #4

It would be great if someone fixed this issue. It is happening to both my wifes account and mine. We paid over 100 dollars each for a training plan that just decided to stop working on a scheduled long ride day… wtf

(Jenny) #5

Did anyone find a resolution to this problem? I seem to be facing the same frustrating issue. I have tried disconnecting my accounts and reconnecting but that had no effect. Any support would be appreciated. Thanks

(Lauren) #6

I’d like to ask anyone having this issue, is the workout you’re trying to sync to Zwift a structured workout from Training Peaks that you purchased? If so, I need to let you know that these workouts don’t work with Zwift. I helped someone with this issue a while back, and he shared it in our Community Forums​. Here’s what he had to say:

"So it seems some of the “workouts” you might get in a purchased training plan on Training Peaks aren’t actually workouts but performance “tests”. These tests, by their nature, can’t have the targets filled in ahead of time and thus Zwift can’t use them as a “structured workout”. "