Training Peaks workouts not appearing May 30 2020 [SOLVED]

After yesterday’s update, the training peaks custom wourkouts are not appearing in my zwift. Other friends have the same issue. Tried to disconnect and connect Training peaks account with zwift, nothing changes.


Yes - annoying AF - I just happen to have a really complicated TP session to follow today. Glad I’m not the only one though and hopefully they fix ASAP. Thanks for posting.


Just posted the same, hopefully someone dropped the regression test ball vs this feature is removed!


This feature is about 60% of the reason I enjoy and utilize zwift. It would be bone headed to remove this useful feature


This is my primary usage for Zwift. Please get this fixed


This is how our team trains together. Please fix!


Same here, I don’t know why would I use zwift if this feature is no longer implemented


For a temporary workaround, I exported the structured workout in .ZWO format from Trainingpeaks:

… and then importing it as a custom workout in Zwift on Mac:

After starting Zwift on Mac I suppose the workout was uploaded to cloud. Then the workout was available on iPad after I restarted Zwift. Hopefully this will be fixed as soon as possible!


I tried doing it manually, exporting the workout but there’s no change. I was confused and thought it was just me, then all the messages started coming in from atheltes :wink:

Hi guys!

The same problem is occurring with my team, we tried to perform the workout today, after the last update and we couldn’t do it on IOS / iPad.
We tried to disconnect the Training Peaks account and connect again … and nothing … the problem persists.
Sorry, but we are not able to train without this feature.
Any feedback?
Best Regards


Same problem for me and my athletes. This has become very frustrating for everyone. I hope Zwift solves this problem ASAP or I might just go ahead and find an alternative. I was looking at RGT Cycling and they let you connect your TP account to their platform to do workouts. And, as of now, you can request to have the premium account for free to train this way because of Covid. I am seriously considering this because there has been this problem before with Zwift when they roll out a new update. I am really tired of this.


Not good! This is how I do my structured training from my coach. Please fix!

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Same. I used a free version of ROUVY to do my workout today. I won’t continue to pay for Zwift if this issue isn’t fixed quickly.


Not good. I use this feature multiple times per week. Hope it is fixed soon,

Has anyone submitted a support ticket yet?
@shooj can this be and the other issues with custom workouts from the current update be moved to known issues?

Yeep, waiting for the feedback


Same here. Group ride planned and annoyingly had to do manually. Fix please!

Here as well. Somewhat annoying. Had a lunch break lined up to do a planned workout and lost that opportunity fault finding.

All - we’re aware of the cause, and working on getting it fixed ASAP.


While we fix the cause of the auto-sync issue, here are two articles that show you a manual workaround:

Export your Training Peaks Workout to Zwift:

Create a Custom Workout / Add a custom .ZWO file to Zwift: