Training Peaks workouts not appearing May 30 2020 [SOLVED]

Are you able to tell how long the fix will take please? Be good to know if best dropping the plan for another day and heading out…

Did we ever figure out a resolution to this? Mine has always worked perfectly and all of the sudden today there is no longer a Training Peaks folder under workouts. I disconnected and reconnected. Even deleted the Zwift app and reinstalled it. Nothing.

Same here. Started today. TP workout Of the day did not appear on Zwift.


Any update on how to fix this? Same thing happened to me today as well.

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I have the same problem :frowning:

It was working perfectly, then i didn’t use zwift for a few weeks and now, first time back, it doesn’t work anymore. Still the same plan as before, which used to work perfectly. This is super frustrating! Any fixes available??

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Same problem for me - the TP interface to Zwift is broken. How do we let Zwift and TP know the problem?

Someone on the server side needs to reset something …

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Same with me… please, if you find the solution tell us !

Same issue here. I am sure they will fix this. It is the only reason I use Zwift.

Tickets have been sent to support and there a probably a hundred references to the problem on the forum, so I’d say they know about the problem and are working on it. Sometimes things get fixed after a few days other times it’s a month or more.

Anyone solve the issue already ? Having exactly the same problem and did most of the things mention above .

Was working fine all this while :frowning:

same problem today! and not only with me…put with my athletes as well…

24 hours and counting. Please fix this. Thank you.

My folder missing too since the latest update.


Please make this a priority! This is one of the most important features for many Zwifters. -thanks.


Workouts have been off the last few days due to this.

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3 days Still no tp link. Thanks

It does not appear TP in my ZWIFT since saturday 30 may

Hi Everyone. I spoke with one of Zwift agents, he told me this:

I’m sorry to hear that you have run into trouble but I’m happy to explain. There is a currently known issue with the TrainingPeaks workout sync function after the latest Zwift update. We are aware of it, and are currently working on the issue.

We appreciate your patience as we work to get this issue resolved, please let us know if you have any questions.

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After installing the update on Windows, I can no longer see my training peaks folder on the workout selection. Has it moved somewhere else?


Seems this update is no longer showing TrainingPeaks planned workout integration in the “workouts” folder. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my TP account to Zwift this morning as that has resolved the issue in the past with updates, but no luck this time. Found this in both iOS (iPad) and Windows laptop