Workout Menu Update [October 2022]

Hi everyone! My name is Charlie, and I’m on the Zwift game team.

We’re working to create a better experience when viewing workout details, and I’d love your feedback.

Current Plan

We’re planning to replace the existing workout menu with the experience below when you select a workout card. Compared to the old design, we want the layout to be easy to read and navigate regardless of your device. We also want to ensure that you’re able to find your favorite workouts quickly. The planned first pass will be to:

  • Display a workout’s duration, effort, Stress Points, and description
  • Save your favorite workouts
  • Have the ability to copy, edit, and delete a workout
  • Show the structured workout graph
  • Show a percentage breakdown of zones
  • View your FTP

Showing Favorites

If you favorite a workout, it will be shown on a new Favorites page in the Workouts & Training screen.

Planned functionality vs old functionality

We are planning to tweak some of the old functionality to limit confusion with the experience and expedite launching this:

  • Changing FTP will only be available in your profile, not on the workout graph.

  • Changing ERG Mode will be available in the HUD’s action bar or ZC, not on the workout page.

Future functionality

We’d like to continue to add additional details over time to help players easily decide if a workout is right for them. These won’t be available at launch but include:

  • Displaying the focus of a workout (recovery, strength, FTP, ect)
  • Displaying the experience points earned for completing the workout

Please let us know your thoughts on our approach!

Also - following our practice on the forums, we’re setting this thread to auto-close in 2 weeks. This is so that your feedback is kept focused on this moment in time, rather than allowing future posts to resurrect this thread long after it’s gone stale.


Love the ability to favourite and filter on favourite (favorite in other places) workouts. Honestly I think favouriting should be a broader concept that applies across Zwift (to workouts, routes, pace partners, event series etc). Your favorites would be bubbled up to the homescreen somewhere.


Thanks @Charlie_CC (nice icon)

Thanks for the update, that new card looks nice.
A Favorites group is a good idea.

But I would think the first order of importance should be the discoverability and order of workouts. If a user has a training plan account (Todaysplan or Training peaks) that workout card should be the first one they see. Then the custom workouts should be cards with alphabetically ordered folders of custom workouts.
We also need a scroll bar, It take more than 10 scrolls to get to the bottom of the custom workouts. I feel we miss a lot more things with the new card layout.


When will this be implemented?

I agree with @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ re: discoverability

As part of this revamp, will you be working on Making planned workouts easier to access in new UI? This is a critical part of the workflow for workouts, especially for those of us who work with coaches or plan our own training schedules and would like to easily hop into a training session from the home screen.

It would also be helpful to have TSS with duration so that when we are planning our weeks, it’s easier to assses the impact of a workout on overall progression. (Edited to add: are stress points the same as TSS?)


Hello @Charlie_CC

The cards on the new home screen are really large and take up a lot of space on a smaller screen laptop with medium screen scaling. Most of the space is taken up with the picture for the “collections” and I feel like this can be removed and the size of the cards reduced to fit more on the screen. As Gerrie points out, it takes a very long time to scroll through everything.

The same goes for the All Workouts list, it is soooooo long. The old list was much easier to navigate than the new home screen.

I’m not sure why this needs so much attention? Other than being able to mark favorites, this seems like a step backwards.

EDIT, also please get rid of the workout pain effect.

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You can turn this off.

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Correct, I should have said turn it off by default rather than on by default.


Hi @Charlie_CC … Looking forward to this and happy to have input into this area.

A few initial thoughts (I’m sure there will be more):

  • I like the idea of ‘favourite workouts’ - this will help with going back to our ‘go to’ workouts. I also agree with Aaron @SeattleSauve that this ‘favourite’ concept should be more widely adopted across the platform. (Hopefully this is the start of that!)

  • I’m glad that Stress Points (read: TSS) is being incorporated. This is essential for selecting workouts!. This SP score also needs to be shown on the workout cards (before you click into a workout) - Currently I only see duration and effort shown. If this is not included, a user that uses this metric as a way to choose a workout will spend A LOT of time, and unnecessary clicks, clicking in and out of each workout to see the SP.

  • Please retain the functionality to folder/organise custom workouts. I (and I’m sure many others) have a large bank of custom workouts loaded - which I organise in easy to navigate and access sub categories/folders. I do not want to have to scroll though a massive deck of workout tiles to find the one I am looking for.
    On that note, If I have custom workouts (i.e. not part of the default Zwift library), Can these be ‘favourited’?



Thanks everyone! The feedback so far is incredibly helpful. We are looking at ways to make workout discoverability easier, especially for folks using Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks. Also, great comments around how favoriting can be utilized across the game.

As we continue to receive your feedback, I’ll be sharing and discussing your suggestions with our team. Please continue to let us know if there is anything else we should take into consideration.

Charlie :raised_hands:


Please retain the functionality to folder/organise custom workouts. I (and I’m sure many others) have a large bank of custom workouts loaded - which I organise in easy to navigate and access sub categories/folders. I do not want to have to scroll though a massive deck of workout tiles to find the one I am looking for.

@Charlie_CC - another vote for this and based on the other recent threads floating around many other users have this issue as well. I probably don’t have as many custom workouts as some but I have around 50-60 organized into subfolders. As you can imagine, it is rather frustrating having to sort for a specific workout amongst a whole stack of tiles as opposed to having them neatly organized.

Yes there is a workaround but I feel like there shouldn’t have to be one for this issue.


Just another thought @Charlie_CC … If you are including a filter here for Effort (1 - 5, I assume), why not also include a third filter for Stress Points?

My guess is that this is how the Effort is defined in the backend anyway (i.e. 1 = < 50 SP for example) So you could either:

  1. Show the SP band next to the effort category (1 - Easy - < 50 SP)

  2. Include a third filter box which shows the SP bands < 50, 50 - 75, 75 - 100, 100 - 125, 125+
    (Banding just for example purposes - taken from Zwift workouts and training plans | What's on Zwift? - you may choose to band differently!)

I appreciate that a 1-5 Effort filter feels ‘accessible’ but just having ‘Effort’ as a filter in isolation- without the context of what is behind the banding - makes it harder for those that are comfortable using SP.


Excellent thing the way to change to ERG mode!!! I lastly joined a group workout and ERG didn’t activate and was greyed out so I couldn’t use it where almost everyone has it on. So yes that is a great thing to have!

This all sounds great. I was hoping for favourites to be added. I use the same pre race workout to warm up every time I race and it’s a lot of clicking and scrolling to select currently.

Will customs workout’s be able to be favourited?

On the new screen showing the workout blocks, will it be possible to mouse over the blocks to see what wattage they actually are rather than the slightly vague, above or below ftp?

Can the stress score (TSS) be shown on the tile as well as detailed view?

Thanks everyone for the continued feedback. I do have two questions for the group:

  1. Some of you use folders to organize your custom workouts. Can you tell me how you create those folders and how you stay organized? (Example: using tags to create sub folders)

  2. @j4m1eb mentioned using the mouse over functionality to see wattage on workout graphs. How frequently do folks use this functionality and how do you use it to inform your workout selection?

  • Charlie :raised_hands:

I agree with you and @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ . We need to do a better job around surfacing workouts that you have planned for today when working with a coach or a training plan. We are currently investigating that as well.

Stress Points are the same as TSS.


For folders I created directly in the workout folder on my mac and dropped in the ZWO files I had exported from a different workout builder.

I may be in a very smaller minority wanting to see wattages, currently I view them on Whatsonzwift and for workouts.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 17.04.44

Mine is just simple folders with Descriptive names (Mostely LOL)

This need to be sorted a bit but give a picture of my custom workouts.

Inside the folders I have my workouts alphabetically:


Hi @Charlie_CC , thanks for following up and continuing the discussion.

Folders are created by going into Document > Zwift > Workouts > [Zwift ID].
I have had various ways of organising my workouts - a screenshot of my current approach below. These are mostly custom workouts, either created by myself or from .zwo files (from sites like
In some cases I even have Sub folders. Please also consider this functionality.

As this is existing functionality, please don’t loose the ability for users to be able to catalogue and organise custom workouts.

On that note, the ‘hover over to see workout wattage’ is also an existing functionality - screenshot below as an example. Personally, I use this pretty much every time I am looking at a workout. It gives an extra check on how the workout is going to ‘feel’.

I think the key thing here is that these are existing features. Making the UX ‘slicker’ by taking away functionality that already exists within the game would be a step backwards in my opinion.
Hopefully you can find a way to retain and work these features into the proposed design. Also hoping that feedback will backup that this is much need functionality.

Happy to provide more detail.