Workout Refresh Update [December 2023]

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the feedback! We wanted to provide a few updates based on some of the issues that we’ve noticed from October’s update. We understand that these updates do not fix all cases, but we hope that this is helpful the majority of you:

  1. We have fixed the Zip file ordering, so that workouts are sorted in recommended order rather than alphabetical order (see this post to find the updated ZIP file to download).
  2. We fixed the issue where the order of the workouts within some of the Training Plans were mistakenly out of order.

As a reminder, the following plans are still available under the “Plans” tab (see picture). See more information on Training Plans here.

Training Plans Available in the “Plans” tab:

Active Offseason, Back to Fitness, Build Me Up, Build Me Up Lite, Crit Crusher, Dirt Destroyer, FTP Builder, Fast Track Fitness, Fondo, Gran Fondo, Gravel Grinder, Multisport Mixer, Pebble Pounder, Singletrack Slayer, TT Tune-Up, Zwift 101, Zwift Racing.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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Like to raise an issue/bug with how repeat intervals are shown in the companion app for workouts. Zwift app shows (in these examples), a 4x interval of 1:30min @125 and 30secs @ 125w. The companion app (until you get to thats section, only shows teh first part of the interval ie: 1:30min @125w and drops the 30secs @125w until you actually hit that section, then shows both parts of the interval.

Attached screen are screenshots

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I’ll ask the question and let it be considered dumb. did anyone check the corrections?

from week 1 we go to week 10. week 2 is lost somewhere in the background

some exercises were forgotten . unknown what week it is.

the prl17 plan is called 4week prudential ride London Prep. in short 4wk prl Prep. prep is important because it means preparation. prl17 means nothing.


Same issue – workout ordering is not always correct. Also I find it highly suspicious that a few workout collections still appear in alphabetical order (e.g. the PRL46_2018 workouts in the last screenshot posted by Vasilios above).

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Is it possible to be add in the next update the ability to sort within a sub cateogory (e.g. the endurance collection sub category) and also for this sorting to be from shortest to longest or easiest to hardiest, instead of the alphabetical sorting you have now. So if you only had 45mins to work out you can sort by shortest to longest (or from easiest to hardest) in the sub category to quickly scroll down to all the workouts that are around 45 mins. For the current filtering of all workouts, if you for example you select duration and 30 - 60 mins and effort easy you get 117 work outs which is a lot to scroll through (when they are currently sorted alphabetically) and pick the work out that works for you time wise, or difficulty wise