Veiw Workout schedule on My.Zwift

This may already be available but if it is, I haven’t been able to find it. I would like to be able to go onto my.zwift and view my current plan and my progress. It would also help if I could see what work-outs are coming up so I could leave the appropriate time open on my schedule to complete them. My actual Zwift set-up is in the basement and it is inconvenient to go there and open the the app like I am about to ride and then close it and delete the workout just to see how much time I need to leave for the next few days

Companion app has training plans - havent done a training plan since they added that feature but is that useful?

BTW, I have zwift installed on a number of pc’s around the house and with the sole purpose of logging on to look at something like workouts, store etc as I too have my big cave “downstairs”.


Yes they need to make far better use of the website, it could be a fantastic tool, there is so much potential but they do nothing with it!