New features for the Companion app (Wanted)

Hei ZHQ!

1: I miss beeing able to load my workouts from the companion app. I`d like to se that we could log on, choose world, start spinning and then using the Companion app enter our workoutfolder/plan and load the workout that way.

2: I also miss beeing able to start to spin, then might download a ZWO file to my workout catalog and then get it as a option in the custom workout menu. Now we have to download first and start Zwift after to get the ZWO file read by Zwift PC app.

  1. I know you can swipe left on the event “window” to see your signups in future. But it would be really nice to have the same information in a “calendar” format. A bit like the events are dispalyed today, but with just my signups listed.

  2. Ride on

I did not know that :man_facepalming: :+1:

Not my self either until the other day. This feature might not been to much visualized on the release :slight_smile: