Companion App Access to Training and Workouts?

Is it possible to use the Companion app to access the workout and training plan options? The only place I can seem to see the training plans is in the game itself. Is there another place on the Zwift website? When I click on Training, it just sends me to a page with ads for why I should sign up… A bit ago I went into the game to select a training plan to start tomorrow. When I checked in the app, I found that it has three workouts listed that it wants me to do in the next 9 hours. Um. I thought I was going for a Monday start… So now I want to cancel that and I’ll sign up when I start tomorrow. Thanks for any tips on how to deal with this!

Hi, sign up tomorrow (Monday) morning and all the workouts will be in the companion app.

You can view them on once again Zwift relies on 3rd party resources to inform the community.

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Thanks @Mike_Rowe1! The link is exactly what I was looking for! Just to confirm though: it is not possible to search for and select a new training program from the Companion app? Once I have selected the program from within the game it is available to see on the app, right? But browsing possibilities within the app is not available.

correct, you can’t browse them on the companion app until you have joined the training plan, then only the one you joined will be available on the companion app. Within the game training menu you can look through them all.

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