Where do I find my current training plan? [iOS 17.3.1] [ZC App version 3.54, Game version 1.57.3]

Hi there,

I was asking Support and they directed me here (sounds great for a paid service…)

Sometimes my next workout doesn’t show up after firing up the app.
Then I need to arduously dig through the menus to find it, remember what my last workout was and manually choose the next one.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have something like “My current plan” prominently sitting on the welcome screen?

Or what do I miss?



Welcome to Forums @Rocko_J_Fonzo. This is Juan from Zwift. I appreciate you taking ownership of this space to share your concerns regarding browsing your training plans.

I understand how tedious it can be to look up your training plan. I took the initiative to check your account and noticed that you are running Zwift in previous game versions either the Zwift app or Zwift Companion App. Therefore, I kindly suggest you update them. Let’s continue.

We’ve implemented enhancements in this regard. You can now browse the plans. Click “View Plan” to view the specific workouts for a selected plan in the Zwift main app.

On the other hand, we*released the latest version of the Companion app for iOS and Android. It includes some big changes, notably a new workout browser and minimum iOS requirements.

You can currently take a look at all the Workouts and Workout Collections available in Zwift from the Zwift Companion App. The new workout browser has a feature you won’t find in the game: the ability to sort workouts by duration, effort, or name.

I’d like to suggest you download the Zwift Companion app (free on iOS and Android) to see your full training plan in one place.

Please feel free to share your feedback so we can continue to level up the workout library in the future. To share feedback, check out this post on our forums.

It was my pleasure. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. You are always more than welcome.

Hi Juan,
I’m quite new to the platform and was wondering the same thing.
Why don’t you simply show the active plan on the My Activity section in the home page?


Hi Juan, thank you for taking your time to jump into this subject.
My phone is set to update apps automatically. My app says I’m on 1.60.0 (127000)
app store does not display any update (at least here in Germany).
I still don’t see any link to my chosen training plan, so what do you mean by “update them”?

Thank you so much!