Zwift Companion App Training Plan

since yesterday I can’t see my training plan in the companion app on the iPhone? Last week everything was fine…

Same issue on my side.

Same here from my side. So frustrating.

I constantly have this issue and it usually seems to coincide with being in a window in which there are no workouts currently available to me at the moment.
It seems to be a poor justification for hiding it though. Just b/c they are not currently available, doesn’t mean I do not need to plan for what is coming.
Just always show the training plan if you are enrolled in it, no reason for any fancy logic.

Same issue. Waiting for a fix…


J’ai le même problème,
Existe-t-il une solution?

Avant je pouvais voir le plan à venir de mon entrainement, maintenant l’affichage est vide, je précise que je fais actuellement le programme Pebble Pounder

Merci pour votre aide

Hi guys,
This works for me maybe it will for you too.
In Zwift Companion I go to Zwift Academy then Schedule and there is a calendar where you can pick from available workouts and races.
A limited selection, but better than nothing.
Hope this helps, cheers,