Training plan progress missing 😢

I started the Pebble pounder training plan.

  1. I did the 3 workouts (without the optional) from week 1 and my progress was showing.
  2. I did the first 2 workouts from week 2 so far.
  3. Now I started zwift to do some recovery ride and I see that only week 1.1 and 2.1 workouts are marked as completed, while 1.2, 1.3 and 2.2 all say “Availabile in 5 hours” in Zwift and “Expired” in Companion App.

I have them in my zwift companion log, yet the progress has disappeared. Here are some screenshots.

imgur .com/a/Y6wuv7v :upside_down_face:

^ My link has space in it due to a Zwift forum restrictions - can’t upload images, can’t add links. I don’t know if it’s relevant - I have a Samsung S4 tablet and a PC for Zwift. Last workout was on the PC, I mostly use the PC for Zwift but it’s possible that I’ve done one of the previous workouts on the tablet.

Hi Dimitar,

Were you able to solve this? I have the exact same issue right now :(.

Hopefully you found a solution and you would be willing to share this with us.


It is possible that you were logged into both the PC and the tablet at the same time, or didn’t exit one of them correctly by either saving the ride or trash canning it, leading to the issues you describe.

@Jordi_Tukker_FHS do you also use two devices to run the main Zwift app?

Hi mike, I use just one device.

But regarding the trash canning: last Tuesday I wanted to start the 2nd workout of the week but I received a urgent call, so I quit my training and indeed trash canned the less than 5 minute progress on the work out assuming it would pop up again when I would start training again.

so I guess that ruined my training plan progress or is there a way to recover?


I’m not sure @Jordi_Tukker_FHS, I’ve never quit a workout and then tried to re-do it. If they are available as individual workouts in the workout list, rather than only under training plans then you might be able to try again. If it is now expired in the training plan then you can’t.

I contacted Zwift regarding this issue. They told me that I might be able to enroll into the training plan and start from workout 1 (since that’s the only workout available) after starting te workout I should be able to able to skip the workout by clicking: “I’ve done this work out” (stil need to figure out where this button can be found) this way I can skip to where I was in the structural training plan. fingers crossed.

I’ll try later today and report back to this forum thread.


It is a small radio button on the lower right (or maybe the left side) side of the workout selection screen when in the training plan menu.

i’m getting a blank screen every time i complete the latest workout and it won’t save. i’m on ipad and this started happening just last week

it remains blank the rest of the day

it shows up as not complete when i check the next day… i have to manually check it, then it doesn’t have any of my stats and says i completed it outdoors.

here’s a screen showing i completed it