Training plan progress missing 😢

I started the Pebble pounder training plan.

  1. I did the 3 workouts (without the optional) from week 1 and my progress was showing.
  2. I did the first 2 workouts from week 2 so far.
  3. Now I started zwift to do some recovery ride and I see that only week 1.1 and 2.1 workouts are marked as completed, while 1.2, 1.3 and 2.2 all say “Availabile in 5 hours” in Zwift and “Expired” in Companion App.

I have them in my zwift companion log, yet the progress has disappeared. Here are some screenshots.

imgur .com/a/Y6wuv7v :upside_down_face:

^ My link has space in it due to a Zwift forum restrictions - can’t upload images, can’t add links. I don’t know if it’s relevant - I have a Samsung S4 tablet and a PC for Zwift. Last workout was on the PC, I mostly use the PC for Zwift but it’s possible that I’ve done one of the previous workouts on the tablet.