Zwifters have reported discrepancy in Training Plan workouts between Zwift and Zwift Companion

(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters,

Update #1

We have a possible fix for this, but it won’t be implemented until a future update. Stay tuned.

It’s been reported that there are two Training Plans that are being affected: FTP Builder and Build Me Up. The upcoming workouts aren’t being displayed properly (e.g. it will say “workout 1” is due by Friday night, but then you go to do it Thursday morning and it’s already unavailable). If the user is using ZC(Zwift Companion), they may notice a discrepancy between the game and ZC. However, even without ZC they’re going to notice the issue in game.

We’ll update this post as we receive new information. Thank you and Ride On.

[ZG - 4378]