Training Plan - Different "Do By" dates in Companion and Zwift APPs

(Djai Ar) #1

After signing on to a Training Plan I find different dates for the active Workouts in Companion App and Zwift itself.

E.g. Companion Apps states “Do By Wed Night” while Zwift App states “Do By Saturday Night”.

Since the Workouts are closed after passing the date, it’s important to have accurate information. In addition for me it’s not clear what “xxx Night” or “xxx Morning” means - and how e.g. my location/time-zone is considered.


  • Which of the times shown is the correct one (Companion or Zwift App) ?
  • What does “morning”, “evening” exactly mean ? (I would actually prefer to see an exact time in my local timezone.)


(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Djai, this is an issue we’ve been investigating thank you for the heads up!
Do you remember which specific training plan you were on where you saw this difference?

(Djai Ar) #3

Thanks for looking into the topic. Training plan is “Active Offseason” - 12 weeks.

Just checked today (Thursday) - the Workout adverised to be done “by Saturday night” in the Zwift APP is now closed. Which fits to what the Companion APP mentioned (“by Wednesday night”). So the Companion APP seem to have the proper data, while the Zwift APP has something different.

Hope that help for further analysis.

(Julius Nordpol) #4

Doing the Fondo workout the same issue appears here!

(Christian Stumpf) #5

Got the same problem on FTP Builder