Timing Problem Between Zwift and Zwift Companion

If you are doing a Training plan then In the Zwift companion it shows you what’s coming up. Two main problems

  1. The date for an individual is displayed as “available Monday morning” which is kind of useless more than one week in advance. Also, the work outs aren’t ordered in the dates they are coming up.

It would be really helpful if the individual workouts in training plans just showed the date that it’s available and the date that it will expire. It seems odd to have workouts expiring (and appearing) at particular times of the day. This makes planning training even harder. Workouts should have dates and should be available from midnight to midnight in the local timezone.

  1. There is a disconnect between the dates shown in the companion and the actual dates and times shown in zwift. Here is an example:

In the companion it shows the two workouts Exigent and Serrated as having to be done in 11 hours and 5 minutes.

However, inside the game, the workouts are expired.


Does that make sense?

This could be a local vs UTC timezone issue.

I’m surprised to see there is no answer yet, I have the exact same problem and it’s driving me nuts, I constantly miss workouts because Zwift gives the wrong information.
This is not the only topic on the subject, see Training Plan - Different "Do By" dates in Companion and Zwift APPs
Please @Zwift Team, could you put the same countdown in the app than in the companion ?
This is really frustrating and demotivating.