Time when training plan workouts are available


I know that workouts only become available on a training plan on certain days but would it be possible to also indicate the time?

I got up early this morning (UK) to do my long run as it said it would be available “Saturday morning” only to find it not available until 11am!


This is definitely something that could be tweaked with training plans.

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This is an issue which annoyed me a lot too. If you are serious with trainings plans, I can recommend you e.g. TrainerRoad, they offer you a lot of flexibility, but the downside is, that you have to pay for it extra.

Maybe Zwift gonna expand their functionality in the future, who knows.

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Same here. I reserve time every working day before work to ride. On Monday I got up at 7 only to find that my workout for Monday morning was only available two hours later. Luckily I also made some custom workouts for different zones myself so I did one of those instead.

Why not simply say that a workout is available on Monday and make it available from Monday 0:00 local time? That would even simplify the implementation for them. Now you have a mix of very imprecise info such as ‘available on Monday morning’ and ridiculously precise info such as ‘available at 11:25pm’. Also why not make the workouts for the whole week available at the start of the week? KISS

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Just curious - is there any formal response from Zwift on this issue or are we speaking to a void? I ride in the morning. When “ available Monday morning” is listed, I plan to ride Monday morning. When I sign in, the ride doesn’t unlock until 11. Totally blows the day and I couldn’t ride Tuesday morning. If Zwift would just standardize it - all rides become available 12:01 am and expire at 11:59pm on said day. Communicate something we can use to plan from and be successful (and less angry at the program!). Has anyone ever heard any explanation from them?

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Came here looking for an answer for the same issues that are mentioned above. I really enjoy the training plans I’ve done so far, but the generic timing availability comments make it difficult to plan around work and family life. I’d like to be able to wake up early and knock out a ride instead of waiting for it to unlock at 11 AM. Then if I slip a day, the following workouts all tend to shift erratically and it can be pretty easy to miss a workout or two in a week. Zwift, please address!

I, too, was hoping some improvements had been made with this. I realize Zwift is probably trying to help with proper recovery or prevent some type of “overtraining”, but as someone that has a fairly busy schedule, the lack of flexibility to move workouts up is quite frustrating. My long run originally showed available as tomorrow night, which would have been perfect, but now after my lunchtime tempo run, it has shifted it all the way back to Saturday at 11am. I am racing on Sunday, so that no longer works. Very Frustrating!!!

Just been through the same experience. Got up at 05:00 only to find workout available at 11:00. Mad. All the other rides on this week’s block are also available at the same time. Mad. Signed up last week only for training plan to start on a Tuesday. Mad.

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