Why are my workouts released in the evenings?


My wife is now also enjoying Zwift, but having signed up to the “Build Me Up” training plan, she is a little frustrated that all of the workouts are being released in the evenings, - when she prefers to workout in the mornings.

Somehow she is now ‘out of sync’ and has no workouts available in the mornings… they become available at 7pm or later each night.

Does anyone know:
a) why this happens?
b) whether by missing a day, and doing today’s ride tomorrow, the schedule will reset the available times for future workouts to be mornings?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

I believe it all depends on when you started the plan, it is always best to start on a Monday and at the time you prefer to workout. Workouts are release a certain amount of time after completing the previous workout.

Thanks Mike… I wondered about that, any idea how to correct this?
She has tried cancelling and re-enrolling but, everything goes back to how it was :frowning:

Unfortunately there is no way to alter the flexibility of Zwift training plans. It is a big flaw in the system.