Cycling Training Program never on a Tuesday morning

Ever since the most recent Zwift update where they have unlocked both the training sessions in the Back to Fitness training plan for a given week, I can no longer do any training rides between 8 pm Monday and 12pm Tuesday.

According to the Zwift update:


Zwifters have long complained that the “flexible” Training Plans are anything but. This update includes changes that make Training Plans much more flexible in terms of scheduling.

Now, each week’s list of workouts is “unlocked” starting on Monday, and available through the next Sunday. You can pick which workout you do when. The only requirement is that you wait 8 hours between workouts.

Much more flexible. Nice!

This is not the case for me. Both of the workouts unlock at 12 pm Tuesday and for the rest of the week, they say I must complete them by Monday morning and the next week workouts will unlock Monday afternoon. Then on Sunday, it switches and says I must complete them by Monday at 8 pm and the new workouts will unlock at 12pm Tuesday. So, this new flexibility I am losing over 12 hours of when I can do my workouts.

Why am I not allowed to do any training rides between 8pm Monday and 12 pm Tuesday? This was not a problem before the latest update.