New to Zwift.... WTF with the Training Plan Schedules?

got myself a wahoo kickr and decided to give Zwift a try this winter after using Trainerroad for the last few years. Loving the Zwift world and it’s a lot of fun… was excited to have all this with my winter training. But, I am so lost regarding the training plans. I enrolled in the Zwift 101 to get a feel for it all. I did the first of 5 workouts yesterday morning at 9:30am. After completion, it showed in my training plan that I needed to do the next workout by today, Saturday night. And it it showed the next workout as locked and would be available in 15 hours. That would have been about Midnight last night. So I start up Zwift this morning to do the second workout at 9am and the workout is expired… it wasn’t even 24 hours yet??? and it showed that the 3rd workout needed to be completed today, and the 4th and 5th work outs needed to be completed by Sunday night, tomorrow. What kind of schedule is this? How am I supposed to plan my day when I can’t even tell when the workouts expire? am I doing something wrong?

want to figure this out as I am excited to spice up my winter training, but if I have to fight the Zwift training plans, I’ll have to go back to TR.

Any help or suggestions is welcome!

You have to start a Zwift training plan on a Monday and it unlocks workouts throughout the week. Hope that helps.

I’d recommend using the workout progressions in the “WORKOUTS” menu, not those in the “PLAN” menu, unless you’re sure that you’ll have nothing else in your life in the coming months. If you want to follow a workout progression that you can schedule to follow whenever you have time, choose one of the progressions in the “WORKOUTS” menu, such as the “12wk Winter plan (advanced).”

Zwift has not built in enough flexibility in the choices under the “PLANS” menu to accommodate many people.

Thanks Steve and Fez… I’ll try restarting on Monday since it’s a short 1 week plan. If that doesn’t help, I’ll build out a custom workout using the workouts from the plan I want to use.

thanks all!

It will work. If you don’t start the plan on a Monday it will try and squeeze in all the workouts into howver many days are left until the Sunday. Since there are mandatory rest periods between workouts even when they have already unlocked, you can’t finish them all in a couple of days and it will skip them. There is some flexibility in that if I have a 5 workout week then I can try and pick my rest days as best as I can for the 7 days.

Thanks Fez! Appreciate the guidance. I’ll start it over on Monday.