Training plans better explained


There’s already a lot said about the inflexibility of the training plans on the forums. This is one thing, but it would be nice if the rules would be explained better so people can match their expectations.
I started using Zwift last week and started the 101 training plan. After the first training, I discovered ToW and decided to go for that first before it would end. Missed two training plan days as a result. When they became locked, I started worrying but a day later they mentioned an upcoming unlock.
I continued the program and today did the last part. To my surprise I was congratulated on completing the schedule and was kicked out of the training plan, without actually completing it!

The plan progress was still on 5/7 without the much anticipated :white_check_mark:. Now there’s no way to go back and do the remaining two runs.
This leaves a very disappointed feeling that could easily be avoided by better information, or preferably: flexibility.

I’m a dev myself and would be surprised if the software is be setup in a way that makes it that hard to realize.
There’s comments in some posts that Zwift would want to prevent overtraining. I do appreciate that, but I have been running (recreational) for most of my 42 years and actually know what I’m doing. Don’t need to hold my hand this much.
Plus private life is guaranteed to interfere with multi-week schedules.

So, can you please at least inform users on the working of the training plans to avoid disappointment (and possibly people dropping out in search for another more flexible app)?

I do think Zwift is amazing, though. That’s why I put in the effort of this rather long post.

Just noticed that I did get the badge for completing the plan.
I completed 4 out of 6 training sessions, 5 out of 8 if you would include the optional ones.