Change Trainings-Plan Start Day

I am majorly annoyed that the Trainingsplan feature zero flexibility.
I understand that it makes sense to sorta stick to it but if you started 5 weeks ago on a Tuesday and now want to change the 1st workout of the week to be on a Monday you are beeing forced into a rest day.

Isnt this completely useless? I tried to go around it by advancing the time settings on my ipad but ZWIFT is too smart to realise and still forces me into a 18h waiting pattern.

Any solutions for this without me having to restart the entire plan?
At this point I am thinking about dropping it and just move to trainerroad…

See this post and vote for it :Training Plan Timing Flexibility

Hi @Flo_D

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the flexibility (or lack thereof) of your Training Plan.

I assume that when they were created, Training Plans were intended to be just that: plans. If too much flexibility is allowed in the training plan schedule, then it strikes me as being more of a “training suggestion” as opposed to being an actual plan. Plus, I think the plans force the rest days with the idea in mind to allow proper recovery time and avoid injuries.

That said, I do understand why Zwifters would want more Training Plan flexibility under certain circumstances, so as Gerrie suggested, your concerns are effectively a feature request.

As I understand it, there are those within the Zwift organization who keep tabs on the Feature Requests section of the forums, so if a popular idea is upvoted enough, I imagine there’s a good chance it’ll get more attention, and possibly lead to changes down the road.

We appreciate your patience, thanks for your service as a valued Zwifter, and we hope you consider sticking with Zwift as we work to improve the app.