Training plans flexibility

Zwift training plans are great but lack overall flexibility. When enrolled in training plans, workouts are locked and only available after a certain amount of hours. I understand why this is the case, however workouts should be based on the “day” not “time”. We all have busy schedules so if I wake up and have time to workout, I need to be able to complete the training plan workout at that moment. Not ~3 hours later because Zwift has it locked. The times are arbitrary and unnecessarily restricting on people using the training plans. What if I have to be at work? The airport? Sleep? Live my life? etc.

I really hope the time-based lock on workouts can be reconsidered because it’s very frustrating and has zero flexibility like Garmin or Strava. As an example of improvement, it should just be set to “days” so when it hits midnight based on the users local time, it’s unlocked and then I can workout as it fits in my schedule that day.

List of possible improvements:

  1. Locked workouts flexibility (as described above)
  2. Ability to “pause” training plan
  3. Ability to “reschedule” workout and the plan adjusts accordingly

If anyone agrees or has additional input - please vote and/or post so this gets visibility and Zwift will take the feedback here into consideration for further development.

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