Training Plan Timing Flexibility

(Kevin) #1

If you use Zwift training plans in conjunction with other activities, if you travel, or if you have kids, the timing lockout feature seriously diminishes the otherwise great value of training plans.

I am using a running training plan and want to keep going in order, but I also have swimming training and travel which may prevent me from doing the next run in time.

I understand that there are always workouts, but the progression of the plan is what makes it useful.

The timing lockout seems to alienate folks unnecessarily. People keep asking for this to be removed, so I wonder if there is some tech related reason for it. If not, c’mon Zwift—flexibility is what people rave about.

(Chris) #2

Totally agree with you Kevin. Zwift absolutely needs to provide the ability to override the recommended rest period. I find myself doing “filler” rides in between the lock out periods because Zwift won’t let me access the next ride! Or missing out on a half week of training because of a busy schedule and travel. Very frustrating!!! I think flexibility is the key word that the Zwift dev team needs to really understand. There are many requests on this forum for this feature. The response I love the most from Zwift is the “training plans and rest periods aren’t for everyone”. What the ■■■■!? I understand that in an ideal world we should stick with the recommended rest periods. But people are busy and need to have the flexibility to complete the training plans when they have the time each week. Don’t force us to rest because we’ll most likely find alternatives to using your product. Zwift dev team- PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!

(Patrick) #3

There’s a reason they enforce a minimum time in between workouts and I’m on board with that. I would like to join in the other 934934598457 people who would appreciate the ability to pause the plan for unavoidable life events and pick up where I was instead of just flat missing out on workouts that expire while I’m away.