Workout - Holiday Pause

(Brent Piche) #1

Would really like a pause feature on workout plans. Was 3 weeks into workout, had a holiday for a week, and wanted to start where I left off. Instead it made me lose 10 days of workouts. Kinda unfortunate so I have to start over again (and no way to skip the Zone Benchmarking or Pedaling drills)

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the heads up Brent! Our team is looking into new Workout features so thank you for writing in.

(Philip Jackson) #3

agree… plans are not useful as currently implemented

(Evert Herremans) #4

+1 here.

Not just for the holidays but also thinking about other external factors like sickness. Myself I’m quite susceptible to ‘airway’ infections which usually leaves me sidelined for 2 weeks. I’d be a bit annoying to be skipping 2 weeks in the program.