Workout - Holiday Pause

(Brent Piche) #1

Would really like a pause feature on workout plans. Was 3 weeks into workout, had a holiday for a week, and wanted to start where I left off. Instead it made me lose 10 days of workouts. Kinda unfortunate so I have to start over again (and no way to skip the Zone Benchmarking or Pedaling drills)

(Vincent) #2

Thanks for the heads up Brent! Our team is looking into new Workout features so thank you for writing in.

(Philip Jackson) #3

agree… plans are not useful as currently implemented

(Evert Herremans) #4

+1 here.

Not just for the holidays but also thinking about other external factors like sickness. Myself I’m quite susceptible to ‘airway’ infections which usually leaves me sidelined for 2 weeks. I’d be a bit annoying to be skipping 2 weeks in the program.

(Alberto Panzironi) #5

I have the same problem.
Just a day late and I missed my programmed training and there is no way to make it.
It was a nice training that I missed.
I don’t undersatand how you can make any progress if you keep jumping lessons if you are late just for 1 day.
I think I will quit my plan. This way it is useless.

(Ewan Kirk) #6

This would be a really really useful feature. I have a 10 day vacation over the holiday period (lucky me!) but I can’t pause the training plan I’m doing. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to implement — and it would be a great Christmas present to Zwifters…

(Paul Faulkner) #7

And I’ve got a version of this issue and suggested solution.

Solution: simply do not prescribe a time-frame for the training plans to be completed in.

My version of this issue: I use Zwift to supplement my outdoor rides. I have two outdoor rides per week, so want three or four Zwift sessions per week. The training plans tend to have four or five sessions per week. I want to follow a training plan but inevitably have to choose between missing an outdoor ride or not completing the training plan. This is a choice I should not have to make.

(Patrick Schober) #8


hard to keep up with the plans especially ,if you are on the road from time to time or during holiday season (e.g. xmas). My training just starts getting intense and interesting and I already know that I won’t be able to take some of the better sessions.

Would be great to stretch the trainings. Even if the training effect does not kick n as expected, it would be still way better than not being able to take all training sessions.


(Paul Beland) #9

+1 too,

curently have the flu and need to pause my workout plan for a couple of days. would be great to pause it be able to come back to the plan by the end of the week and not missing any workout.

(Jonas Ahlander) #10

+1 on that!

(D) #11

new to zwift and signed up for workout plan, will be away for work for 10 days in a few weeks, cant believe pausing plan isnt an option?

im not training for anything, just want something structured to follow over winter, missing 2
weeks of plan for no reason or benefit to anyone seems foolish

(Huys Peter) #12

+1 To this one. I’m also having a week off (time to ride outside) so I would like to pause the plan instead of loosing a week.

(Steve Kelly) #13

I do agree with this - particularly with it being holiday season at the moment, and it not always being easy to keep to the plan.

My concern is around cheating. Pressing a button that says “Pah, I can’t be bothered” would be too much to resist for some people, albeit that it would be ideal for others to say “Just put it on pause”.

My view is: If these are real plans, designed by real coaches - what would a real coach do? If you were ill, or wanted to enjoy Christmas what would happen? I have read that a 3 day timeout, results in an extra 3 days of effort to be added into the plan to get you back to where you should be - is this an option? If you are on week 8 of a plan, and take a week off, when you start back you find yourself back at Week 7?

I guess the best idea would be to ask a real coach…

Voted this one up though, because something should be done to improve workouts further.They are a great initial stab at doing something which is difficult, but need honing…


(Steve) #14

Same here… Poorly over Xmas and missed a week training…gutted…but can see the reasons not able to pause… Who knows when there going to be poorly when they start a 12wk plan…

(Wes Smith) #15

This is my second training plan after completing build me up and I really like the structured rides as it keeps me riding. But being fairly new to Zwift there are events that I’d like to take part in (like the newly announced Tour de Zwift) which I can’t do without quitting the training plan. A pause option is definitely encouraged from me.

(Matthias) #16

+1. Pausing a workout plan makes sense. Also to allow to do a rest/recovery week.

(Brent Piche) #17

My bigger concern is that if you miss time, you will end up further down the plan without accumulating the fitness you may need to complete the later workouts, and therefore end up having to restart anyway. That gets extra frustrating when you are forced to do the ‘pre-weeks’ all over again. I know I’m well off my current plan due to Christmas, so now going to just start a different one entirely…

(Chris Hobby) #18


I’ve been using zwift run recently. I’ve started the 13.1 half marathon training.

I’ve been doing the long runs outside and therefore marking them as “done, ran outside”. The interval training and speed work I do on the treadmill in my lunch breaks.

This week I’ve been ill and I haven’t been able to do my mid week treadmill run and unlikely to do my long run outside.

I could simply mark them as “done” and skip them but this will, in my eyes, be cheating.

I get it’s a plan that is structured but if I had a personal trainer we’d just pick up from where I left off.

Some sort of pause function would really help if it’s for the short term. Long term then yes, restart the plan.

(B atman) #19


I currently have a cold and it’s very annoying to watch the sessions I can’t do just tick by and become unavailable. What real world training plan can’t be paused.

(Vita Zalud) #20

+1 for the pause or rewind feature

As far as Zwift is the winter substitute, the winter time is always a flu season. So the probability you will have 1 week maybe 2 training outage is very high.