Pausing training plan

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So I read about pausing a training plan in a post from 2018. I figure the time has passed so some solution to this issue is surely at hand, but I can’t see anything. Has anyone looked into this matter since? (I can see several people has made posts on this matter as late as july 2020)

My question: can I tweak something myself anywhere (having experience from tweaking custom training plans) is the training plan saved somewhere so I can reach it in my computer? If so surely the dates are saved in some XML file, and they can be tweaked.

Otherwise - and as I can see in my computer there is no way of tweaking any data - it would really be much appreciated if there was a possibility to choose where in the training plan one can resume if one had to make a break (i.e. for holidays, hard working periods etc.) As the Zwift team said it (in the old post I read) the problem is not big building such a feature into the Zwift apps.

I also read another user that got the tip to reset the plan to the start again… well I had come quite far before I made my pause - and my memories of this plan is that it was exceedingly easy in the beginning, and somewhere around where i stopped it started becoming reasonable. Hence I really want to be able to choose spot to start.

Best wishes. Lasse.

It seems like a simple request to have a training plan pause option, especially as this has been asked for by users for so many years. I’m on holiday now for a couple of weeks and have been enjoying the training plan… But not will miss 2 weeks as I don’t take my smart trainer on holiday (maybe I’m the strange only one?). Would love to understand why a training plan has to start on a Monday and why a user can’t choose when to start it either??? Thanks @zwift for enabling these simple options

I’m about to enter a similar request. I had been doing the Build Me Up training plan and week 7 came and between being in the office many days and it being nice outside I only completed one day of this. Now its week 8 and it looks like a rest week whereas week 7 was a big week. I’d really like to reset it back to the start of week 7. I guess this could be handled by a pause if that was available and I thought about it in advance but really I’d just like to edit my training plan state and specify where I am.

I with you 100%. How do we get this post more visibility and give people the opportunity to vote it up? Seems like a very simple request really.

Please see this thread, changes have recently been made.

Thanks for the response @Mike_Rowe1 - unfortunately this doesn’t help with the issue. I could for example pull a specific workout, but the idea is in my training plan I’m in week 6. I go on holiday for a week and come back in week 8. I’ve therefore missed week 7 and although I can pull the specific workouts, I’d have to do all those and week 8’s to keep on top of things - which isn’t likely practical

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Did you see the part about the 2 weeks extra? This should work for your situation, no?

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Hi @Mike_Rowe1 - it does indeed fix the issue (and completely missed the 2nd part). If I read the original post correctly though, this isn’t available yet:
In our next phase of work, we are continuing to fuel flexibility within our training plans, including unlocking workouts for longer periods and extending time in which workouts can be completed. These updates are under development and expected to roll out in the coming months.

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