Put a training plan on hold for a week

I heard back from Zwift support today on my question of how to put a training plan on hold.

There is currently no way to do this and there is also no way to look up the missed rides for that week so one could redo the missed rides.

I’m on week 7 of the 12 week Build me up, an I have to miss week 9 or 10 :cry:.

Has anyone else run into this and how many of you would like the ability to put a plan on hold for a week. Work travel, vacation, your wife took a hammer to your trainer, etc.

Completely agree. I would have thought this would be simple to implement as well. I had to abandon my training plan over Christmas and restart it January…

Please vote up the existing Feature Request: Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility


There is a post asking for training plan workouts to be available in the workout section as individually accessible that you can vote for. Most people asking for a pause feature appear to be more concerned about completing each workout (OCD) rather than actually having the plan work to improve their overall fitness and FTP.

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Excellent! Either way works for me. I’ll vote it up.

Absolutely. I travel for work pretty much every other week for 4 days at a time. This schedule means I miss out on roughly 1/2 of any training plan I attempt to use.

This is a MUST HAVE feature, and I can’t really imagine why Zwift did not implement right from the start.

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