Pause Training Plan or Allow Makeup Sessions

Please make it so you can pause a training plan, or even let me do two workouts in a day. I was gone a week for Christmas, and was hoping it would let me skip a week, but it didn’t. So I was going to try to do two workouts a day but it wouldn’t let me. And now I can’t go back and do those sessions, I was really looking forward to the Purple Unicorn workout, but now I can’t do it.

I agree. I’m traveling for a week, I’d love to pause my training plan. I’ve seen your comments that it’s hard to jump back into a plan after pausing, but I really don’t think that my fitness level resets after 1 week - at least at my fitness level, I don’t see any difference at all after 1 week off.

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Dear Zwift Team,
I’m also for pause possibility. I have started training plan and I had to pause it because of illness. After 1 or 2 weeks I would like to resume from the point I have stopped.
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Please vote up this request: Please improve Training Plan schedule flexibility