Pause a training plan

Hi, is the ability to pause a training plan anywhere on your roadmap at this point? I’m well into a great plan at this point and will now be away for a week over the second last week of the plan!! 10 weeks of building to that point and will miss the culmination of all my struggles! Not being able to pause a workout does give that extra motivation to get it done but over the length of time most plans run I think the requirement to pause because of external factors is probably quite likely. Perhaps you could only allow a set number of pauses per plan? Anyway, would be great if you have something in place by March 10 :laughing:

This really is a ‘must have’ feature which can’t be difficult to add?
I travel frequently with my job, so without a pause function, I’m missing out on, for me, the best feature of Zwift, that being the training plans.
Come on Zwift, surely this isn’t too big an ask???