Pausing training plans


New Zwifter here, congratulations on a fantastic product, I love it. I’m about halfway through “Build me up”, and have had to take a break for 2 weeks for travel with work and then a week’s holiday. As far as I could see, there was no way to pause the program for a week (or two) and then pick up where I left off, which means that I’ve missed a chunk of the program, and presumably won’t get credit for completing it. While I appreciate that training plans work best when they’re adhered to to the letter, I’m not sure how many people would be able to devote 12 weeks of 4/5 sessions a week to training without their lives getting in the way at some point. Could there not be a “pause training plan” option?


Hi Rick,

It’s something we’ve thought a lot about and will continue to work on. The reason we didn’t implement it from the start is that it wouldn’t be appropriate after a two-week hiatus to simply start right back up where you left off. The pausing part is easy. But the resume part is fairly complex to do well. 

Thanks for the feedback. Always nice to hear the actual uses - and frustrations - of the people using the product.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

The problem is that if I take two weeks off, I’m forced to jump back in to the plan anyways - just two weeks further on - having missed workouts that help me build to the later workouts.

More generally it would be great to choose when I do each workout, not tied to the Prescribed calendar. I don’t have time to do the full set of workouts per week (working 60 hours per week plus kids). But I would still like to do them. Just at a slower pace.