Training Plans Update

Has there been any update from Zwift Team in relation to more flexibility in the training plans and not shutting off one of the workouts before you even get a chance to do the workout?? OR is there any possibility that some of these very good training plans could be included with the normal workouts then there are no issues and I could work through the training plan at a time and day that suits me.
Look forward to update. thanks

Unfortunately it’s been like that since implementation. No-one has any ideas why you are not allowed to supply flexibility to your plan. (Only zwift know why they have done this, but never said!). I personally couldn’t start one of their plans because I need some flexibility. Shame really as I’m sure it puts a lot of people off. For some of the plans the workouts are on
I’m not sure if you can download them.

As far as I know all of the workouts in a trainingsplan are individually available in Zwift.

No @Alex_Slok_HERD some are not there.

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This is a daily topic of convo with the team here at Zwift. I don’t have a timeline for you, but we are working on this. And let me separate it into two issues:

  1. Blackout time when doing a training plan - makes this supremely not flexible.
  2. All individual workouts in a plan could be just individual workouts, named in a way that you know they belong to a plan (for example).

The second one we can functionally do but it makes discovery of the right workout a bit tricky. Will talk with the team on how we can solve for this.

Thanks for the request,

Zwift Content Programming

Daily topic but clearly not as important as adding a shirt in a different shade of green or the ability to peddle round a different route on the same island. Prompted by the email of my 1st zwift anniversary I thought I’d check back after a number of months off, in the hope that training plan flexibility had been addressed or at least there was some sort of road map with time lines had been defined in the six months or so since I posted about the the topic (not this thread but this is the most recent zwift response I found).

Looking at the forums this has been a request for years but seemingly resides on the too hard/can’t be bothered pile, so with that I’m afraid it’s time to find another platform. Bye bye Zwift